In [[prompt engineering]], a delimiter is a special character or string used to separate different sections of the prompt. Delimiters can be used to clearly mark the beginning and end of different sections of the prompt, making it easier for the model to understand its structure and generate more accurate responses. Delimiters can be particularly useful when using techniques such as [[few-shot prompting]], where you provide the model with several examples of input-output pairs to help it understand the task you want it to perform. Commonly accepted delimiters are: - triple quotes: `"""` - triple backquotes: \`\`\` - triple dashes: `---` - angle brackets: `< >` - XML tags: `<tag>` `</tag>` Se an example of the [[use of delimiters]]. [[principles of prompting]] < [[Hands-on LLMs]]/[[5 Prompting]] > [[structured output]]